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December - 2010

         Canine Pedigree Inc. releases a new version of our registry and USDA complaint Pet Industry Software product.

Connecting The Pet Industry

Our software does everything but clean
your kennels and vaccinate your puppies !!!

Canine Pedigree Inc. has released a new Pet Industry Software product re-marketed as  In addition to complete pedigree integration, this new software product manages all record keeping and automates key registry / USDA forms for our users.  The new product supports pictures for sires, dams, and puppies.  Document management is also included, allowing uses to attach copies of important documents for retrieval later if the originals are destroyed due to fire, flood, etc.  This new product also allows for Business to Business records transfers when doing business with other users. 

We have also integrated a FREE web sales portal via our site supporting one click listings and real time updates from your account.  Visit for more details or to signup for your own account.  The DogOnWeb Pet Industry Software raises the bar when providing paperwork to your customers, peers, or pet industry providers.  To view our current brochure with sample forms and reports click here.


Company Overview

Canine Pedigree has earned it’s reputation as the “GO TO” pedigree research company in the Canine Industry.  Canine pedigree can generate pedigrees for puppies or adults spanning multiple registries.  We can also generate pedigrees for Hybrid Pups with Registered Parents. 

20 years of experience and a robust database, enable us to serve our customers requirements for pedigree research when they need to make informed breeding or purchasing choices.


Products And Services

  • Canine Pedigree offers 4, 5, 6, and 7 Generation pedigrees researched from the hosting registry.
  • Canine Pedigree also offers Kennel, Distributor, and Pet Store software to automate compliance and forms automation required by the different registries and the USDA.
  • Check out our Products and Services links for more information or click here to view our current brochure







5 Generation Pedigree Printed on Parchment Paper

5 Generation Pedigreee



6 Generation Pedigree Printed on 11 x 17 Parchment Paper.

  6 Generation Pedigree

Customer Feedback

I highly recommend Canine Pedigree to all breeders.  Their prompt, professional, and friendly service is outstanding! 

 Paula Hall